Ross Emery is a Cinematographer and part time contemplative aesthete.

He is on a perpetual search to find ways to enhance stories, support characters and involve audiences using all the visual devices he can find.

This is where he finds satisfaction.

Ross was taken to see ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Seven Samurai’ on the same day as a teenager, this set him on the path that has seen him involved as a cinematographer on such defining films such as ‘The Matrix’ and its sequels and ’Dark City’ amongst others, even the notorious, such as ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’.

The desire to imprint his films with a strong visual style that is appropriate for the story brought him to be Director of Photography on films like ‘The Wolverine’, ‘The Giver’ and ‘Woman in Gold’. All the time searching for the ways to emotionally involve the audience through the cinematography.

He is one of the few DOP’s who has been able to cross over to all the areas of the craft, being highly regarded for his work in Feature films, all kinds of TV commercials and VFX intensive productions.

Ross is also thinking of doing his thesis on correct footwear for film crews.

Currently he works anywhere the job happens, travel is a speciality.

Quotes that get you through the shooting day.

“A brick does not have to look like a house”
“Shoot someone walking through a door, you have a shot.
Shoot someone climbing in a window, you have a scene.”
“Make mistakes by being brave, don’t make mistakes by being boring”